I am a woman and I don’t belong to the Kitchen or the other room- actress Hilda Dokubo reacts to Pres. Buhari’s comment about his wife

Yesterday evening, Nollywood actress, Hilda Dokubo, shared a video on her IG page reacting to President Buhari’s comment about his wife, Aisha, belonging to the kitchen and other room. She said;

“My name is Hilda Dokubo and I am a woman. I do not belong to the kitchen. I go to the kitchen to fix food for my family and myself who eats there sometimes. I don’t belong there. I do not belong to the bedroom either. I sleep there. It is my rest place.
My things are there but I don’t belong there. I do not belong to the sitting room. It is a lounging place. I rest there and I watch television. I do not belong to the other room because I don’t know where the other room is in my house except that this other room sounds like the toilet. I am a woman. I deserve my rights to be a human being”she said


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