WARNING! No ‘Jehovah’s Witness’ member should have PVC or VOTE

WARNING! No ‘Jehovah’s Witness’ member should have PVC or VOTE


All the members of Jehovah’s Witness in Nigeria have been banned from participating in the electoral process and are forbidden from voting for any candidate or contesting in any election. Wrapped with the claim that participating in an election was satanic and contrary to God’s commandment.

PM NEWS findings revealed that members of Jehovah’s Witness were warned not to obtain voter’s cards and that they should not vote during the elections.

The directive was not a mere order as any member found participating or voting during the elections will be excommunicated.

When reporter spoke to some of the members who confirmed the directive, they claimed that the order was right because they are still waiting for the kingdom of God that is yet to be established on earth.


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