Voters’ card is now worth N10,000 plus N50,000 loan, hehehe

Voters’ card is now worth N10,000 plus N50,000 loan, hehehe


If the recent statement released by the All Progressive Congress is something to go by, then the Permanent Voters’ Card is worth N10,000 and a loan of N50,000 as the price being paid by some desperate people. I have seen the PVC being worth a free pass to some certain shows, earlier this year.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Tuesday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party also said a company, Agro-Allied Communities Service Nigeria Limited, has been formed ostensibly to provide 50,000 Naira loan each to ‘empower’ women. It said, however, that anyone seeking to get the loan must provide her PVC as ‘collateral’, which is basically the essence of the establishment of the company that is supposedly a private concern but in reality a PDP front to mop up PVCs, especially in opposition strongholds.

APC said it is now getting clearer by the day what the PDP-led Federal government sought to gain by forcing the postponement of the elections for six weeks – which is to perfect their rigging plans.

The party warned those behind the abhorrent acts to… continued nextpage 

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