‘I studied physics and I wanted to work in an oil and gas firm, but God made me a police officer’- Police Deputy PRO, Aliyu Giwa

Read what Lagos state Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, Aliyu Giwa shared on his IG page.

“The truth be told, struggles and hustles are exactly what we need in our lives. If baba God allowed us to go through our lives without any obstacles, omo it would cripple us. For real we would not be as strong as what we could have been.

 I studied physics and all I wanted was to work in an oil and gas firm, and God made me a police officer, to make serve and protect my dear country… I asked for Strength… and God gave me Difficulties, to make me strong. I asked for Wisdom… and God gave me Problems to solve. I asked for Prosperity… and God gave me Brain and Brawn to work. I asked for Courage… and God gave me Danger to overcome. I asked for Love… and God gave me Troubled people to help. I asked for Favors… and God gave me Opportunities. I received nothing I wanted … I received everything I needed!

May God Bless You. May God Bless you with unspeakable joy, not only in the world to come, but in this world also. May our path be bright and full of light everywhere we go.  I pray our feet will never stumble out of God’s plan. May the desires of our heart come true, And may we experience Peace in everything we do. Amen

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