Read Actress Omoni Oboli’s Emotional letter to her son as he turns 15 today

Read Actress Omoni Oboli’s Emotional letter to her son as he turns 15 today

Nollywood actress and producer, Omoni Oboli who is blessed with 3 sons, celebrates her first son, Tobe, as he turned 15 today, October 4, 2016,
The actress penned a sweet letter to him also recounting her labour experience.

She wrote:

“TheFirstLady and the first card! Happy 15th birthday @tobeoboli my heartbeat I was in labour for a whole day when I had Tobe. I had to be induced at a point and since I rejected the pain reliever, the pain was excruciating! At a point, IT became unbearable and I asked for the pain reliever but my doctor said it was too late.

The angels brought relief in the form of some school children in a nearby school. In the middle of the day, they were singing praises and oh what a soothing relief that brought.

By the time Tobe came kicking and screaming, it was almost like an out of body experience because I was so weak but I took one look at him and I fell hopelessly in love. I became a light sleeper because of him. I didn’t think it was possible to love someone so small, so fiercely! I won’t even let anyone touch him! He was mine!!! Needless to say, grandparents didn’t find my over possessive nature funny! Look at him now! Taller than me even!

Dear future wife, this one is special, you got a good man. I’m grooming him well for you. Thank you Father that You counted me worthy to be Tobe’s mum. May Tobe grow to be all You want him to be and fulfil destiny in Jesus name. #QueenMother #MySonIsAKing #Happy15thBirthdayTobe #BirthdayBoy #love #fun #birthday #blessed #ChildOfGrace.”


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