Jonathan has provoke the Almighty God | REVEALED

Jonathan has provoke the Almighty God | REVEALED

The General Overseer of the Garden of Love and Deliverance Ministries, Abuja, Prophet Sunday Balogun has revealed that God is not happy with the Nigeria President (GEJ) over the inability of the federal government to contain the current insurgency which has resulted in the death of thousands of Nigerians.


The Minister spoke with journalists about what he called a revelation from God on the state of the nation.
Prophet Balogun prayed President Jonathan to use the full authority of the federal government in tackling insurgency ahead of the 2015 general elections.


He disclosed that the heavenly hosts have decreed that the PDP may lose the 2015 presidential election as well as many governorship seats if the level of violence and killings in the country did not end.

“God told me when I was in deep prayer some days ago that He is angry with the present leadership in the country and may change it because some politicians are happy that blood is flowing in several parts of the country.

“God is not happy that even those who did not labour to occupy their positions are jubilating about the blood of innocent people that are shed for nothing.

“The blood of innocent people, especially children, cries daily to the high heavens from the entire country and God says that it is the responsibility of our leaders especially the president to take appropriate action to stop the killings and the injustice.

“God told me that the president knows what to do to stop the carnage going on in the country but God is not happy that instead of taking necessary actions, Jonathan is attributing what is happening to global trends.

“The president should perform proper diagnosis of the problems which prevented our soldiers from defeating the Boko Haram and take necessary action to resolve the issues to stop the insurgency and bloodshed before the elections,” he said.”

Concerning losing power to other parties by the PDP,

“The blood of thousands of innocent people killed since the Boko Haram insurgency started in year 2009 has cried up to heaven and God is not happy that politicians do not seem to be concerned about it?”

Bishop Balogun cloncluded



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