Family dump alive 90-year-old paralysed man in graveyard

Family dump alive 90-year-old paralysed man in graveyard
90 years old Samuel Kibure was dumped near Mutomo graveyard by his family members along Gatundu-Mutomo Kenyatta road route where he was found by passers-by. The residents of Mutomo Village in Gatundu, Kiambu County, Kenya were shocked to find the 90-year-old man dumped alive near a graveyard on Monday, September 12th.
Samuel Kibure told Citizen Digital that he was taken to his brother’s house at Karembu in Gatundu South on Monday night by his son who lives in Nakuru. In the middle of the night, his brother’s sons woke him up, wrapped him in a blanket and took him in their car where they dumped him near the graveyard at about 2pm.
He also shared the story of how he had sold his land and property, leaving him homeless, adding that his children later deserted him claiming he had become a burden to them as his legs had been paralysed.
One area resident told Citizen Digital that Kibure had been a prominent businessman and worked for the ministry of Agriculture. The old man later began drinking heavily and sold all his property. Area chief Mutheki Muiri was called to handle the case.

Source: Citizen Digital Kenya


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