Ex Bbn housemate, Uriel, blasts Noble Igwe for shading Tekno and Lola Rae

Ex Bbn housemate, Uriel, blasts Noble Igwe for shading Tekno and Lola Rae

ex bbn housemate uriel

Ex Bbn housemate, Uriel Oputa reacted to Noble Igwe’s comment on Tekno’s baby birth announcement with his girlfriend Lola Rae.

Noble Igwe’s dropped a controversial post that Tekno made Lola Rae quit music to have his child, while he attains success in the same music industry.

ex bbn housemate

Noble Igwe wrote;

“He made you stay away from your music to have a baby but he stayed back to push his hustle. #life”

This comment from Noble made Uriel as well as other fans who are excited about the birth of the baby girl, attack  him back. Uriel stated that Lola Rae is a mother and not just an ordinary babymama as Noble proclaimed.

She shared Noble Igwe’s tweet on his Instagram page, and wrote;

People are saying why did lola Rae get pregnant she’s now a baby mama… No she’s Mother… All those people looking Down snubbing her… I’m sure if she reached out to you for anything music related you would have posted her!! Maka she’s not trending currently. Biko my sister look after your baby well Nobody chooses blessings

The music industry is hard, when I went for sponsorship my bum was on the menu… ahhh .
I was an up coming artist but after they cut my microphone during a show I forgot my lyrics.. I ran for my life ,i even forgot my shoe.

This is not a shade on Noble igwe because we are cool (.he used to post my songs for free) I’ve heard so many people say she’s should face her music… .erm she did I don’t think she’s done.
I’m sure her after baby body will be lit.. just look at Tiwa


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