Boko Haram's Vulcanizer With N36 Million In His Bank Account Arrested In Abuja

I am sure not many people in Mararaba a suburb close to Abuja know that a threat to their lives was removed yesterday by men of the SSS.

A vulcanizer belonging to the Islamic terror group, Boko Haram, was traced to the front of Mama Cass in Mararaba yesterday by SSS officials all the way from Borno State. in Mararaba Mama Cass it is opposite Orange Market. People around there know the vulcanizer as a very gentle man.

The SSS however showed a different side of him. They said the Vulcanizer had in his tool box not just vulcanizing equipment but explosives!

People around there were surprised when the SSS handcuffed him until the content of his tool box was revealed to be explosive.

It seems he has been stationed to detonate those explosives either at the Orange Market or at Mararaba junction. The two most populated place.

Info from our source

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